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USD/CAD Exchange Rate

US dollar
Market Cap USD
24h Vol (Global) USD
Circulating Supply USD
Current date
US dollar Price Chart

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Explore the US dollar/Canadian Dollars live chart. With this interactive tool, you can review the price of USD/CAD, analyze rate trends in real time, track the USD/CAD pair exchange rate in historic terms, and build your trading strategy to trade USD/CAD with leverage on PrimeXBT.

US dollar-Canadian Dollars (USD/CAD)

The US Dollar-Canadian Dollar currency pair is represented by the Forex ticker USD/CAD. The USD/CAD rate, as displayed on the live chart, informs traders of the number of Canadian Dollars required to purchase one US Dollar. Stay up to date with the latest USD/CAD news, forecasts, and analysis by following the USD/CAD chart.

Currency Information

US dollar

A US dollar is made up of 100 cents. To distinguish it from other dollar-based currencies, it is designated with the symbol $ or US$. The United States dollar is the most widely used currency in the world and is regarded a benchmark currency.

Canadian Dollars

Canada's currency is the Canadian dollar (symbol: $; code: CAD; French: dollar canadien). To distinguish it from other dollar-denominated currencies, it is abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or sometimes CA$, Can$, or C$. It's broken down into 100 cents (¢).

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